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Well our week has certainly been dominated by celebrities, awards, ceremonies, dresses, selfies and errr trip hazards.

Monday morning’s papers were gushing about gowns, Gaga and gender pay gaps, while the second half of the week was all about the cape.

Patricia Arquette declared a call to arms on equal pay for women in America, while collecting her award for Best Supporting Female Actress in Boyhood, with Meryl and J Lo whooping in approval. But what was meant as a Girl Power statement sparked a heap of controversy with black and LGBT rights groups feeling left out so she had to add a bit more detail to her proclamation to make sure everyone felt loved.

Also on the campaign trail was Reece Witherspoon, looking to discourage questions purely about which gowns were on the red carpet. The #askhermore initiative is designed to get reporters and interviewers to ask women about their careers and creative endeavours rather than just ‘What are you wearing?’. So, on the red carpet she wanted to be asked about her work life, but then seven hours later, tweeted a pic of herself in her Tom Ford gown, Tiffany jewellery and credited her hair and make up stylists. Yes we love your work, Reece, but we also love your outfit.

The hills were alive with the sound of Gaga, as she took us back to our childhoods with a pitch perfect tribute to The Sound of Music. People seemed surprised she could hold a note, while singing in a pretty good British accent, and Shonda Rhimes even declared ‘that was not good’. We thought it was an incredible performance and when Maria (Julie Andrews) herself stepped up and gave her a hug, we were certainly inspired to climb every mountain!

The Brit Awards on Wednesday gave us ‘cape fear’ after watching poor Madonna take a tumble off the stage during her performance. While the internet almost broke again with tweets, memes, jokes and videos, we took a valid lesson from her debacle – just pick yourself up and carry on being fabulous! 

In summary, pay women the same as men, ask women about their work and their outfits, sing songs from musicals, and avoid capes at all times.


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