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A publicity hound at JAMpr



Here at JAM Towers we’re a dedicated bunch and not easily distracted from our daily task of scaling the sheer rock face PR and Design on behalf of our lovely clients.

This week however the relative peace and quiet of the office has been shattered by the tiny whimpers of our latest recruit, one Maurice Gee.

With his beautiful grey coat and enormous eyes, Maurice is quite a looker – just ask any of the ladies in the office – we’ve all got an enormous crush on him.

His spectacular good looks and charming demeanour have ensured his regular demands for food, walks and cuddles are instantly met, and his cheeky attitude means he’s universally adored by both girls and guys. 

In case you’re wondering who this young chancer Maurice is, let’s be clear – he’s a 9 week old French bulldog and the newest member of the Gee family.

Although not yet a seasoned PR professional, Maurice has nonetheless shown he’s willing to pitch in and get his paws dirty – he’s already helped out with some research and design briefs, and still found time to play with Herbert, his teddy bear, before fitting in an all-important nap.

He’s also proving to be a great organizer, and has taken to trotting around the office making sure everyone is busy…paying him attention!

Unsurprisingly for a pup with a strong PR pedigree, Maurice is an early adopter when it comes to social media: he already has his own Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram account, where he flaunts his cuteness for all to see – take that LOLcats!

An overabundance of charm means he’s bound to be a hit when it comes to winning new business – now all we need is to get him up to speed at writing press releases and selling in stories so he can be a real asset to the team.

We know life at JAM Towers will never be the same again but why would we want it to be – every PR company needs a publicity hound, right?

You can follow Maurice on Twitter at @frenchiemaurice on Facebook MauriceGee or on Instagram FrenchieMaurice.


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