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A day in the life of Maurice


To celebrate International Dog Day, it’s only right that we hear from the boss on what it takes to be a dog with a job. Our Client Services Manager, Maurice shares what a day in the life of Manchester’s busiest office dog looks like.

6am: I’m rudely awoken by the humans calling my name. Maybe there’s bananas. I reluctantly get out of my cosy bed and go into truffle pig mode. There are bananas. I follow my snout to the humans’ room, where I have breakfast in bed – a treat of peanut butter and bananas!

After breakfast, I join the humans in some exercise (gotta stay trim to impress Peggy the Pug next door!) and show them how good my yoga skills are.

8.30am: After my post-yoga nap, it’s time to patrol the streets for my least favourite sight – litter. It’s a tough job to keep the streets clean, if only the humans had somewhere to put their rubbish. Today I hit the jackpot with a crisp packet that had a few left in the bottom. I managed to get them all down before the humans reached me, result!

9am: I reach the office and the other humans I usually see aren’t here. It feels like I’ve not seen them in forever, so I hope they’ll be back soon for playtime.
I hear them on my human’s screen so I shout over them as they talk. I didn’t hear the word snack mentioned, so it’s not important. Guess it’s time to take my pick of the desks and have my morning nap.

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Mondays in #mcr ! Snoozing pup #frenchie #officedog

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12pm: One big part of my job as Client Services Manager is to make sure the office is spotless ready for client visits, although the clients are all inside a computer these days. While I wait for them to visit me again, I carry out my daily office inspection. I don’t know where the humans are, but I’ve not been given a cardboard box to recycle in a while. Slackers.

1.30pm: After circling the human for attention, it’s finally lunch time. I’m an expert at sniffing out all of the dog-friendly spots in town, so I lead the way to a personal favourite and split lunch with a reluctant human.

2.15pm: On the way back to the office, we pass some new graffiti and I had to get a shot for the ‘Gram – posing is my specialty. As an influencer, I have to keep my feed updated with fresh, authentic content to keep those likes and followers rolling in. If you’ve made it this far and haven’t followed me, what are you waiting for?

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2.30pm: After filling up on sausages and a piece of banana peel I found in the street (rudely taken away by the human), I return to the office and decide that it’s time for Zoomies. The humans have been talking a lot about Zoomies lately, it’s all they talk about but I never see them running around like I do.

3pm: It’s been a long day of work, so I have to take my afternoon nap to prepare for my next meal. It’s a hard life.

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How’s your Monday going? Ugh 😩 #frenchie #workdog

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5.30pm: I can’t tell the time, but I always know when it’s hometime. The humans don’t seem to be budging though, so I make sure I shout a lot to get their attention. As the boss, I always know when it’s time to down tools and focus on the important things in life – getting my dinner ready.

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