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The art of rebranding: A look at the game-changing rebrands of 2023 so far…


Here at Jam, we’ve had the pleasure of orchestrating some extraordinary rebranding projects this year. Believe us when we say, rebrands are some of the most exciting work we get our hands on. It’s a long journey, but one filled with countless debates, insights from every area of a business, and understanding the business from its very core.

Moving these insights on to the drawing board isn’t a simple shift. We’re talking about a creative dig into the heart of what these insights mean for the business, its customers, and the industry at large.It’s a deep-dive into the core of the business, a creative excavation that unravels how we can turn insights into actionable concepts that truly resonate.

Bouncing ideas, creating mood boards, and drawing inspiration from everywhere we can – this is where the magic starts to happen. This is where, with a good dose of Jam’s creative thinking, we begin to weave extraordinary into the fabric of the rebrand.

Staying in sync with how the industry giants are shaking up their brands is a key part of our research and helps us level up our game. So, let’s dive into a few rebrands from 2023 that have got our creative antennas buzzing.

Nokia old and new logo
Image: Nokia


The Bold Transformation

Nokia, the once go-to mobile phone company, has taken a daring leap into the B2B tech sector, resulting in a bold rebrand. The innovative new logo, with parts of the N, K, and A omitted, has sparked conversations about legibility. However, the privacy rich blue hue and gradient-dominant palette make a convincing statement about the brand’s new tech focus.

Stepping into the Modern Tech Space

The refreshed identity successfully positions Nokia as a dynamic player in the contemporary tech world. This dramatic shift demonstrates the power of rebranding to communicate a change in business direction.

Minute Maid product range
Image: Minute Maid


A Fresh Squeeze

Minute Maid made headlines across creative news outlets when it boldly rebranded for the very first time in its 77-year history. The result is a vibrant, bold logo that unifies international naming variations under a unified style, while upholding its timeless core identity.

A Nod to Timelessness

The redesign pays homage to the enduring nature of the original logo, while ushering in a modern design language. It’s a powerful example of how rebranding can respect history while driving a brand into the future.

Eurostar logo
Image: Eurostar


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Eurostar tapped into 90’s nostalgia for its rebrand, reviving the star-based logo from its original 1994 branding. The unique illustrative styles and custom lowercase type logo inject and uphold modernity into the nostalgic design.

Perfect Balance of Past and Present

The rebrand finds the sweet spot between nostalgia and contemporary design, demonstrating that looking back can provide rich inspiration for a forward-thinking brand identity.

Pepsi logo
Image: Pepsi


Back to the Roots

Nostalgia has been a key theme in rebrands for a long time, as consumers look back decades for design trends across fashion, decor and so much more. In response, Pepsi has returned to its roots, reintegrating the wordmark within the iconic red and blue waves, reminiscent of their design from ‘87-’97.

The revised identity introduces a deep, dark colour palette, signalling a clear departure from previous aesthetics.

Digital-first Approach

The emphasis on digital design, including motion graphics, highlights Pepsi’s understanding of modern media consumption habits. This rebrand showcases the importance of catering to evolving audience behaviours.

Western Union outdoor creative
Image: Western Union


Payments Giant Evolves

Western Union’s refreshed look underscores the brand’s evolution in the fast-paced financial services sector. The simplified, bold ‘W’ icon paired with a modern sans-serif typeface signals a readiness for the digital-first world.

Human-centric Design

The rebrand emphasises authentic, human-focused photography which helps to build trust and engagement by humanising their services, making the brand more relatable in a digital world. The bold typography ensures clear communication across platforms and thus, their rebrand not only caters to the digital-first world but also focuses on the people they serve, balancing digital innovation with a human touch.

Pets at Home Billboard
Image: Pets at Home


Unifying the Pack

Pets at Home’s brand refresh focused on streamlining all the various naming and brand styles within the group – hello, Pets!

The simplified colour palette and custom headline typeface from Colophon offer a cohesive identity across sub-brands and services, maintaining the instantly recognisable identity we’re used to seeing.

Celebrating Human-Pet Bonds

By including their customers in the brand’s refreshed photographic library, the rebrand emphasises the human-pet connection, further driving home their core brand value.

The rebrands of 2023, so far, have undoubtedly shown us that taking bold steps, embracing heritage, and innovating with a focus on digital-first strategies are more relevant than ever. Whether it’s Nokia’s bold move into the B2B tech sector, Minute Maid’s fresh take on timeless design, or Pets at Home celebrating the bond between humans and their pets, each rebrand has pushed boundaries, altered perceptions, and set new standards.

As we look ahead, we anticipate seeing more brands embarking on daring rebranding journeys, and with the increasing focus on digital landscapes, we can expect more brands to adopt digital-first strategies in their rebranding efforts. Moreover, as sustainability and social issues continue to take centre stage, it wouldn’t be surprising to see brands rebranding as a tool to reflect these values in their identity.

At Jam, these insights and trends play a significant role in shaping our approach towards the extraordinary rebranding projects we undertake. Our knack for brand strategy, brand narrative, and brand identity is powered by our deep understanding of the market trends and our ability to apply this knowledge effectively. 

Whatever it is we’re tasked with, we ensure that our work is always a true reflection of a brand’s essence, with a touch of extraordinary thinking.


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