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To stand out from the competition and cut through the noise, it’s important for brands to maintain high visibility and awareness on an ongoing basis. Using PR and digital outreach as part of your strategy is key for increasing awareness and getting brand’s in the media spotlight.

But during a global pandemic, with one news story dominating the media, how can brands stay in the public eye? …



With an estimated $15 billion of marketing budgets worldwide expected to be spent on influencer partnerships by 2022, brands are looking to expand their audience outreach through this channel.

We cover what you should think about when including influencer marketing in your next campaign. …


The UK consumer in 2020 is increasingly concerned with ethics. Ethical consumption is all about being more aware of supply chains and the impact our consumption has. Ethical products may be, for example, fair trade, anti-animal testing or from a brand with a strong environmental policy.


With a recession looming and unemployment on the rise, the post-COVID world may look uncertain for many personal finance brands. While there are certainly challenges out there, there are also plenty of opportunities to carve out space in our new normal. Consumers are looking for brands and organisations who recognise their struggles and who are there to support them – they are looking for a brand they can trust. 

Emily Snacks lockdown ad


It’s pretty safe to say that 2020 hasn’t panned out how we expected up to now. COVID-19 caused lockdown measures to be put in place in the UK, which interrupted our everyday lives, from how we work to having to queue when popping down to the shops for some milk. …