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How to create content that goes viral


The word ‘viral’ instantly reminds you of a lot of memorable moments. From Budweiser’s ‘Wazzup’ to ‘Charlie Bit Me’ to ‘Salt Bae’, you never know what the next big thing is going to be….

Facebook's algorithm changes bring bad news for brands


Last week, Facebook announced it was making changes to its platform, with the intention of bringing friends and family closer together. However, the changes also bring more bad news for brands….

How to survive in the digital age of PR


Back in 2004, MySpace was the place to be, the final season of Friends aired and the phrase ‘digital PR’ didn’t exist. Traditional PR was the only PR and the focus was on securing media coverage using a network of valuable contacts built up over years of hard work. Success was measured by amount of coverage secured, audience reach and brand awareness. While those methods and measurements are still very important, it’s no longer the full picture….