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Food the real secret in PR


This week, we celebrated one of the most important holidays of the year – National Food Day! Since we’re based right in the centre of one of the most multicultural cities in the world (Manchester, for those not in the know), we’re lucky enough to enjoy delicious recipes from all over the world just a stones throw from JAM Towers. (more…)

Fake news: Why it's important for PR practitioners to work with integrity


Following the huge rise of fake news stories in the media, a number of questions have arisen around the impact it’s played and will continue to play on the PR industry. Does it call for more regulations in the industry? Is it our responsibility to educate people on fake news in this ‘post-truth’ era? What can PR practitioners actually do to prevent the spread of fake news? (more…)

World Mental Health Day


This week, it’s World Mental Health Day, and the focus of this year’s campaign is mental wellbeing in the workplace. That’s something we’re all about at Jam. A recent report stated that the UK has the unhappiest workforce in the Western world, meaning that employers and employees need to see a positive change. (more…)

The We Stand Together campaign and what it means for Manchester


Although Manchester is still healing from the terror attack in May that claimed the lives of 22 innocent people, the message that shone through is the boundless resilience of this great city. (more…)