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The JAM Jar

Social media and PR Snapping up data


Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook app and a notification pops up to confirm your exact location? Social media nowadays constantly tracks your every move via your mobile device, taking in where you work, eat and live….

Taking publicity into the stratosphere


This week, KFC launched a chicken zinger sandwich into space for a four-day flight around the stratosphere. Why? We’re guessing that either KFC are opening a restaurant on the moon and sending their stock up piece-by-piece, or it’s an over the top publicity stunt….

Elections and Public Perceptions


When Theresa May called the snap election, she was convinced it would end in success for the Conservatives. But, through a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events over the course of the election, public perceptions were altered dramatically….


St Ann's Square

The terror attack at the Manchester Arena that killed 22 innocent people has left a scar on our city that will never fade. It’s certainly been a difficult few weeks but, in the face of evil, this city has shown that our strength will never falter. …


Content Manager

Hey, content kings and queens! Want to JAM with us?…

Share A Coke is back, but has it gone flat?


Who remembers that first glorious summer of 2013 when we spent an unholy amount of time rummaging through supermarket cold drinks fridges looking for our names on Coca Cola bottles?…