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The cloud. It’s been part of the tech lexicon for years now, and is being adopted by over four in five UK businesses  – us included….



It’s a busy and exciting time at JAM – you may have seen that we’re hiring?!

Many of us use LinkedIn to connect with influential people in our industries and to make contacts, especially when looking for a new job or change in career direction. According to LinkedIn, 93% of recruiters use it to source candidates and yet, incredibly, only 50% of users have a 100% complete profile….



For decades, PR pros have mastered the art of building relationships with the media, and in recent years, we’ve extended this to include bloggers and other online conversationalists. Now, however, the industry is on the move once again; this time, we’re talking about ‘influencers’, those people who have the ear of the audience we want to reach….



Here are our top tips on how to make a start on your visual content marketing:…